Courses and Festival

Twenty years ago, Renato Premezzi founded annual summer music courses and
festivals in Italy. These were inspired by the courses given by the legendary pianist and
teacher Maestro Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli, which Premezzi attended in Arezzo,
Lugano, Torino and Bolzano for a period of over four years.

Centered in the uniquely beautiful and culturally significant city of Urbino, occasional
other places have also hosted these activities. Premezzi collaborated with the famous
flutist Julius Baker (two summers - concerts in Urbino and classes in Santa Sofia), with
the Italian flutist Roberto Fabbricciani (two summers in Chiusi and one spring in
Cortona) and with pianist Alberto Neuman (one summer in Arezzo with students from
the Paris Conservatory). Additionally, Renato Premezzi directed a series of concert
presentations at the Castle of Gargonza, as the guest of Count Roberto Guicciardini for
three summers.

Many participants have repeatedly returned to share in these special occasions and a
two decade tradition energetically continues, providing all with the joys of learning,
encountering ancient palaces and new friendships and living the intensely special
totality of the Urbino Experience.

Our 2010 program offers the following courses: